Leadership Coaching

*Nonprofit Executives

There’s only one CEO/Executive Director chair and if you’re here, you’re likely sitting in it and that can be a very lonely place. Want to get to the open space of big thinking and creativity but the day-to-day is getting in the way? I can help you tap into your brilliance to get you there.

*Board Leadership

Board member engagement, effective governance, executive management, strategic visioning…at the same time…as a volunteer! Yep, it’s a challenge. If you’re in that seat, you may have found yourself herding cats with competing interests. I’m here to support you bringing your priorities into focus and aligning your resources, so you make the magic happen…and have a life outside your volunteer work!

*Emerging Leaders

Have you landed in a Director’s Office and find yourself wondering, “ummm, ok. Now what?” I can help you embrace the brilliance that got you there, draw it out in others, and align your intentions with your attention so you can create your own brand of Director level magic


Is your team tired, rundown, listless? Does their performance poop-out? Are they all-over-the-place? Do you find yourself managing personalities rather than purpose? I can support you – and them – in aligning the brilliance of the team in support of your strategic initiatives so the team can thrive…and so you can breathe.


(thanks, Vitameatavegamin Girl for the inspiration – I do love Lucy!)