About Me

I believe there is magic inside every organization…and I’ve learned to draw it out by tapping into the individual and collective brilliance of team members to create dynamic cultures and mission-focused impact.


I have served in senior executive roles for the past twenty-five years. I have first-hand experience leading nonprofits as CEO, President, Executive Director, and COO. In these roles, I have helped organizations articulate their visions, establish excellence, diversify their donor bases, increase revenue, build cultures of belonging, and create strategically aligned teams and partnerships. Yep, I’ve helped organizations bring out their brilliance, find their inspiration, think more boldly, and fulfill their vision. I’ve created a lot of magic and now, my passion is helping other leaders create theirs!


I’m a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, have a coaching certification from Hendricks Institute, have completed nonprofit consultant training with BoardSource, and serve on faculty with Billions Institute where I am also a leadership coach.