Alignment. Brilliance. Magic.

I believe something exceptional happens when an organization’s talent, resources, and culture are aligned with its mission, strategy, and values. When that alignment meets your brilliance, and the brilliance which exists within your organization, magic happens!

What I Do

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

* Strategic Visioning
* Organizational Development & Alignment * Board Development * Resource Abundance * Culture Creation
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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

* Nonprofit Executives * Board Leadership * Emerging Leaders * Teams
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My Values & Approach


If you’re willing to shed the leadership persona and to step into your authenticity, I’ll meet you there to bring out your brilliance!


Imagine a culture where generous appreciation is the norm. People shine and impact is accelerated! I can help you create it.


What if you could make it happen? That thing you’ve been thinking about.
Seriously. What if you could? I’ll encourage you to think big and to be audacious!


Clearly articulated agreements allow talents and energies to align.
And that alignment creates a flow of awesomeness!